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Prismacast discusses art history and contemporary issues that affect the art world. Already a creative? Nerd out with us! Want to learn more about art, but feel intimidated? Join us! Our goal is to make this universe digestible to the masses.

Kristen and Michael K first met at Boise State University in 2013. Since then, they've become close friends and colleagues. They've collaborated in two exhibitions - Pop! Goes the 90's and Apathetic Adoration. After a lot of peer pressure, Kristen was finally able to convince Michael to be her partner in crime and create Prismacast!

Michael Kay Smith, Co-Host

Michael Kay Smith is an illustrator working in digital and ink mediums. After gaining her Bachelor fo Fine Arts from Boise State, she hustled at a framing job and did a stint in a commercial printing facility as a typesetter and graphic designer. She now uses her creative juices for good—towards both Prismacast and raising her wild infant.

If her cat was any judge at all, he would have nominated her for an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony. While her dog would have also been supportive, he probably would have been much more in the ‘stand and clap’ category. Outside her love of felines, Michael Kay invests a lot of time in books, and mindlessly enjoys reality television shows while drawing.

A lot of her podcast interests fall into social issue convo, fun reeled theatre, and themed histories.

Kristen McGinty, Co-Host

Kristen McGinty obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts at Boise State University in 2016. She mainly works as an editorial illustrator out of her cat hair filled apartment in San Antonio, Texas. Her work has been featured in Austin's Tribeza magazine, Boise State University galleries, coffeeshops and podcast art covers.

Kristen's inspiration comes from science, politics, and personal life experiences. Her goal to educate and inspire others while still being a beautiful piece of work with a hint a humor.

She is the proud roommate of two spoiled cats. She loves playing World of Warcraft, rewatching Game of Thrones, and crushing monsters in Dungeons and Dragons.

Her favorite artist is the Renaissance painter, Sandro Botticelli.

William Higginson, Editor

William Higginson is an Idaho native, and yes, he was raised on a farm. He graduated from Boise State University with a BA in Media Production, and is a devoted Boise State Football season ticket holder. He loves filmography and video editing.

You can always find him listening to all sorts of music - Alt Rock, Classic Rock, and some Oldies too. He loves seeing live concerts, trying new restaurants, and cooking all sorts of food - especially on the grill!

When it comes to podcasts, he has just a handful of favorites - nowhere near the amount that Kris and Michael Kay listen to. But he is putting his skills to good use in helping produce the Prismacast podcast.

He is married to a beautiful wife who has to put up with some of his deadpan humor and snarky-ness. They are definitely a dog family, but hold no bad feelings towards Kris or Michael Kay and their preference for cats.

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